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FAQ Can I use a different kind of shingle so I don't have to replace my roof the next time I have a hail storm? 
If the weather is severe enough, it won't matter what you use, but there certainly are more durable materials like Architectural shingles that can withstand more damage, and have a higher class rating. Can I install a new roof on top of my existing roof to provide even more protection? This may sound like a good idea, but it is not recommended. The added weight onto your roofing frame is going to be problematic. Additionally if you are covering up damaged materials with new materials you are risking having an even more expensive replacement down the road. How can I tell if I have damage?
I got on my roof and looked around but don't see anything. This is where most homeowners make mistakes. There may be minor damage that an untrained eye will not recognize, and if you take the risk of *assuming* you don't have damage, instead of getting a FREE INSPECTION to find out for sure, you may pay for it later. There is a window of time after the wind or hail event that you have in order to make a claim. Once that window has closed, you are financially responsible for the damage to your roof, instead of your insurance company. Should I call the BBB?
ABSOLUTELY!  Considering the fact that MO/IL division of the Better Business Bureau received over 12,000 complaints from property owners regarding contractor/construction disputes in 2006, we at Cardinal Roofing and Exteriors feel that it is in the property owners’ best interest to call the BBB when considering ANY contractor. Will my new roof really be installed in just 1 day? There are many factors to consider when dealing with exterior projects i.e. job size, scope of work, extent of damage and weather. However, it has been our experience at Cardinal Roofing and Exteriors that typical projects will take 1 day for complete installation. What about insurance issues?
We specialize in working with all insurance companies to ensure accurate damage assessment.  Cardinal Roofing and Exteriors also guarantees that proper funds will be allocated to complete your project properly and professionally. What are the property owners’ responsibilities?
We ask that all pets, children and property owners keep a safe distance from all construction areas.  Secure all loose items on interior walls and shelves. Exterior hammering may cause vibrations that could cause these items to shift. Vehicles will also need to be removed from the driveway and placed a safe distance from the job site. Should I provide water and/or restroom facilities for the workers?
Field captains are responsible for planning crew break times for lunch and restroom use. Our crews are not permitted in the homes of our customers. What is Water and Ice Shield?
Water and Ice Shield is an impervious material installed in the valleys of the roof. It provides a very strong layer of protection against ice and water in addition to felt and shingles. Because of its cost, most roofing contractors DO NOT include this material in their bids, however Water and Ice Shield is a standard product used in ALL of our installations and we will not perform a job without it.