At Cardinal Roofing and Exteriors we can do it all, from roofing installation and repairs to guttering, soffits and fascia, vinyl siding and so much more. We are proud of our work and always ready to take on the next project. Call us today to make an appointment to meet with an expert to discuss your roofing needs. We provide free estimates to prospective clients.

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New Roof Over the course of a season, roofing materials are exposed to extreme weather and temperature changes that cause shingles and flashing to expand and contract. Eventually, this process causes roofing materials to wear out. Therefore, a roof should be thoroughly inspected at least once a year. A roof approaching twelve years of age becomes a candidate for re-roofing. It is sometimes tempting to postpone roofing work to avoid an additional expense. This is almost always a mistake and creates a greater expense when the work becomes a necessity. Knowing about problems your roof may have, and getting estimates on current cost to repair, can provide time to plan for the expense and shop for the best contractor.  
Storm Damage / Insurance Claims With regular storm action in our community, outside contractors, also called storm chasers, move in hard and fast to secure your business. Unfortunately, as fast as they arrive, the faster they leave, creating a trail of homeowners left with no future support or warranty. We are, and have always been, a locally owned and operated company. We have proven our integrity over many years of service to the St. Louis area and surrounding communities.    If you have damage that requires you to file a claim with your insurance company, we are Insurance Claims Specialist. Cardinal Roofing and Exteriors understands all requirements for any claim with any insurance company.  We have worked with every insurance company and understand their individual processing needs, insuring a quick and easy experience.
  Roof RepairYour roof is the one part of a house that really protects you and your family against all natural elements. Any damage to your roof must be addresses as quickly as possible to avoid further, much more costly damage to the roof and to the structure of the home itself. Paying for good damage repair is absolutely essential in maintaining the integrity of your home, rather than trying to mend it on your own. Small cracks or holes can quickly lead to bigger problems so you should get a quote from a trusted and respected company as soon as you possibly can. Repair can be costly, however, it is much cheaper than leaving it to get worse and worse.  
Siding InstallationFor beautiful, natural-looking vinyl siding that is virtually maintenance-free, contact us. We offer a wide variety of siding styles including styles reminiscent of cedar shake or traditional clapboard, in a striking array of colors to match any taste or architectural style. Our sidings are engineered to perform well, even in harsh conditions. The design, selection, installation and maintenance of the exterior siding system of a home should not be considered purely for cosmetic reasons. Siding must perform a number of vital functions, including the protection from rain and moisture. It must also withstand moisture which emanates from the interior of the house.  

Gutter InstallationCardinal Roofing and Exteriors has been providing seamless gutters and downspouts to residents of St. Louis for over 10 years. With a large, satisfying selection of colors and materials, like aluminum or copper, you’re sure to find a gutter that matches your location’s needs as well as its décor. The installation of seamless gutters on your home is designed to preserve your flowerbeds and foundation, by direction rain away from your home. You can prevent unnecessary water damage to your property, by taking advantage of our guttering services.