How does damage affect your roof? - First and foremost, the interior of your house may be exposed to possible damage if your roof leaks, such as water, mold, etc. - If you do not make an insurance claim for the damage now, you will be held responsible for damage out of your pocket after the claim window period ends. - If you rely only on your insurance adjuster to assess the damage, and they overlook certain items, you will be responsible for anything they miss. - The value of your property will be decreased due to any unrepaired damage.   We use quality roofing materials installed by a skilled team of professionals. We also feature shingles from a variety of manufacturers to ensure that you can find a shingle you like. If you would like to look at colors or styles, we can bring samples right to you so you can look at them in the comfort of your own home.   When you decide it's time for a new roof or would like us to come assess any possible damage to your roof with our Free Inspection, only if damage is found we will also give you a Free Estimate. 



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Visible dents, or chips in asphalt shingles may appear from hail damage. Dents in aluminum vents, flashings, and gutters will also be visible. Larger hail will show more extensive damage than smaller hail, and can cause immediate leakage problem addressed immediately. Painted wood surfaces may show chipping, or dents. Deteriorated grey black slates, especially at the corners will be visible.

Be it residential or commercial; our roof replacement services are open for all. Many people may not realize they already havedamage. If you’ve been through a severe weather event, with high winds and/or hail, you could have unseen damage. If roofing contractors are already advertising in your neighborhood, this is a good indication that there are damaged homes in your neighborhood. Be safe and not sorry and get a Free Inspection and Estimate today by one of our roofing experts. Below are pictures showing what some visible might look like.

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